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Hi! My name is Larisa Madison and I am so glad that you are here and want to change your life. I created Boditude to prove that you can love and appreciate who you are and the life you live right now! You don’t have to wait to lose those 5 extra pounds or get that promotion at your job. You have the ability to be happy right now! How? GRATITUDE.

 How do I know? My Story…

It all started when I became extremely passionate about exercising. Some may say, obsessive. At first it was a new habit for me because throughout my life I never even considered working out or eating healthy. I literally didn’t know what a calorie meant! But, it all changed so quickly. I started doing a workout DVD and in a few weeks I would be working out for hours every single day.

My Struggle

I would get up, go to the gym, run for an hour, take 2 one-hour classes, and come home and do another workout DVD. I would be working out for 4 hours each day. And, the worst part was that after I finally completed my work out, I wouldn’t eat! I was so fixated on losing as much weight as possible that I was starving my body. Eventually it took a toll on my body. I lost my menstrual cycle and didn’t get my period for over a year. My metabolism changed so much that it would literally keep every single thing I put in my body so that I was hardly burning any calories throughout the day.

My Recovery

After a few months of this, my family started getting extremely concerned and convinced me to speak to a therapist. The therapist opened my eyes to what I was doing to my body. Instead of losing weight looking the way that I wanted to, I was literally destroying my body. When I became aware of what I was doing and all the detrimental effects it was having, I knew I had to stop. It took me a while to get back because I had to change my deeply embedded habits of working out so much, counting every calorie that I put in my body, and most importantly, my “I won’t like how I look until I lose as much weight as possible” mindset.

It took about a year to fully recuperate and get my exercises, eating habits, and a healthy mindset back on track. Although it was the hardest time in my life, it made me a different person. It opened my eyes and changed my perspective on every aspect of my life.

Larisa Madison, Boditude Founder


  • Master of Exercise Science and Health Promotion, California University
  • Master of Nutrition and Public Health, Adelphi University
  • Graduate Certificate in Positive Psychology, Missouri University
  • B.S. Business Entrepreneurship, Quinnipiac University


  • Wellness Coach, Wellcoaches Corporation

 I want to help YOU love YOU!

Looking back now, I am truly grateful for my experience. My experience motivated me to learn as much as I can so I can help people like YOU love who they are, accept their body, and be grateful for everything they have in their life. I went back to school to earn Master Degrees in Exercise Science, Nutrition, and Positive Psychology because I have a burning passion and desire to learn as much as I can so I can help as many people as I can!

“Let me prove to you that you can love your body, life, & everything in between! Today is your beginning to a happier, positive, and grateful life!”

~ Larisa