MOTTO: This Too Shall Pass


We all experience life’s ups and downs. Some days are good, while others not so much. One constant in life is that it is fleeting – life is ever-changing and moves quickly. Therefore, those bad days are going to pass just as quickly as those good days are. Every single day is only temporary.


This is the reason why there is no benefit to holding on to negativity. So often, we find ourselves attached to a negative experience – holding a grudge, carrying a weight, or choosing to be stuck in our ways. Making the choice to detach ourselves from negative things, people, or situations is so important, and can have major benefits on our overall health and lives.


It’s very simple – if you are able to enjoy the moment for what it is, regardless of what it is, you will find contentment.



According to the ADAA, (Anxiety and Depression Association of America) Depression and Anxiety are currently the most common mental disorders, affecting 40 million American adults currently.  Many of those struggling feel like they can’t do anything about their situation – they feel like it’ll never change and they’ll be depressed and anxious forever. Adopting the “this too shall pass” motto can affect real change and hope.




Realizing that every moment will end helps us to appreciate each moment as a temporary period of time. When you are experiencing positivity or having a good day, practice gratitude by appreciating what is going well to get the most out of the present moment.


When you’re going through a hard time, remind yourself of the motto – realize this experience is temporary, and choose not to let yourself become attached to the negativity of the situation.


Once you fully understand the motto, you realize that we sometimes need the hard times to not only learn, but to appreciate the good times.