You may have read some of our blogs in our series, “The Boditude Lifestyle: Found in Pop Culture” in which we will highlight some famous icons, movies, songs, or companies where we see qualities of The Boditude Lifestyle, or ‘TBL’ for short.

In this blog, we highlight a few TBL moments from Mary Poppins and the newly released Mary Poppins returns. Disney is famous for creating universal, lovable characters who face life’s struggles with unique positivity, love, and bravery and we see TBL in Mary Poppins.

Mary Poppins A Spoonful of Sugar Boditude

A Spoonful of Sugar

“In every job that must be done/ There is an element of fun/ You find the fun and snap!/ The job’s a game!”

The message of this classic song from the original Mary Poppins is very simple – every day we will have to do things we think are unpleasant or tedious, but we have the choice to find the good, or the fun,  in every situation.

Trip a Little Light Fantastic Mary Poppins Boditude

Trip A Little Light Fantastic

“Let’s say you’re lost in a park, sure/ You can give in to the dark or/ You can trip a little light fantastic with me/ When you’re alone in your room/ Your choices just embrace the gloom/ Or you can trip a little light fantastic with me/ For if you hide under the covers/ You might never see the day/ But if a spark can start inside your heart/ Then you can always find the way/ And when the fog comes rolling in, just/ Keep your feet upon the path/ Mustn’t mope and frown or worst lie down/ Don’t let it be your epitaph/ So when life is getting scary, be your own illuminary/ Who can shine the light for all the world to see”

Similarly to “A Spoonful of Sugar” this song from the new movie reminds us that we have the power to turn on the light in negative times. The phrase “trip a little light fantastic” refers to the London lamplighters job to turn on the lights each evening. This rousing anthem encourages and motivates us to persevere and seek out the positive in dark times.

I Love to Laugh Mary Poppins Boditude

I Love to Laugh

“The more you laugh/ The more you fill with glee/ And the more the glee/ The more we’re a merrier we”

In this song from the 1964 film, the message is to find happiness simply by laughing. When we laugh, we are completely embedded in the present moment, finding joy from what we are experiencing. Laughing creates bonds between people and fills the space with positive energy. Laughing can turn a bad mood into a good mood almost immediately. Remember, “those who laugh, last”.


Turning Turtle Mary Poppins Boditude

Turning Turtle

“MARY POPPINS: Well, knock on wood, my dear!/ When you change the view from where you stood/ The things you view will change for good

TOPSY: I never thought of things that way”

Finally, this song, “Turning Turtle” is all about shifting perspective and how it can make all the difference in your life. In this scene where the character Topsy’s world quite literally gets turned upside down, Mary Poppins instructs Topsy to turn upside down with the rest of her house, so that she can see clearly, literally changing her perspective. When we’re at a crossroads, confused, or uncertain, we often find the answer when we look at our situation through a different lens.

There are many examples of the Boditude Lifestyle in the Mary Poppins films. Next time you’re feeling low, rent the original, head out to the theatre to see the new film, or listen to these songs. Sometimes all we need to kickstart a positivity practice is to find a reminder. Use these lyrics like a motto, write them in a journal, or hang post-it notes around your house.

Comment to share some of your favorite examples of TBL from pop-culture!


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