It can be hard to admit our own flaws and mistakes. Many of us were raised to avoid mistakes. In school, if we got an answer wrong on the test, we’d get points off. Some of us were shamed for being wrong or made fun of for saying the wrong thing. In many cases, if we messed up at all, we’d be blamed or punished.

Therefore, we subconsciously started to believe that it’s not okay to make mistakes, to fail, or to be disappointed. As a result, it became difficult for us to admit mistakes, and even more difficult to be okay with it.


Each day we try to do everything we can to do the right thing in all circumstances and be the best we can possibly be. But, when we inevitably make a mistake, instead of learning or growing from it, we may find ourselves shaming who we are and becoming doubtful about what we have the ability to do or accomplish.


It is Boditude’s belief that mistakes are not only good, they’re imperative! The only reason we fear making mistakes is because of how we were raised or taught to avoid them. Mistakes are vital to our success because of the LEARNING OPPORTUNITY that they bring along with them.


When you do make a mistake, follow these steps to benefit and grow from them:

  1. ADMIT IT! 

First, it’s important to identify and admit when you’ve make a mistake. Identify what the mistake was and consider the setting – was it at work, in your relationship, with a friend?

Identifying and admitting mistakes is so important because it’s rewiring your brain to allow errors and then improve.



Now that you’ve identified that you have made a mistake, you now need to be okay with it.

Instead of feeling guilt, disappointment, failure, blaming or shaming yourself, look at it as an opportunity. Remind yourself that the only reason you fear making mistakes is because of your conditioned mind and your subconscious thoughts about mistakes in general. Instead of being hard on yourself, realize that it’s not only part of human nature to make mistakes, but it is okay!



After you have admitted and accepted your mistakes, you will be ready to learn from them. Ask yourself what good came out of the mistake to find the lesson within. Perhaps a bad thing happened, but the good outcome is that now you know how to behave differently in the future to avoid the same outcome. Perhaps you’ll find areas of your life where you can gain insights or make improvements.


Overall, our societal norms haven’t exactly encouraged us to admit and be okay with mistakes. However once you do so, you will not only feel liberated to try new things, you will learn, grow, and improve as a person.


  • Today, focus on admitting a mistake you’ve made.
  • Tomorrow, focus on being okay with that mistake – choose to see the beauty in the mistake and the new opportunity it has given you.  
  • And then for the rest of the week, focus on what you’ve learned from all the mistakes you’ve made.


Life is all about perspective – change your perspective and watch your life change.