It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means we’re all getting reminded to be thankful. A year ago, we shared a blog that explored what gratitude means and explained why practicing gratitude is something we should remember to do everyday, not just around Thanksgiving. If you missed it, you can read it here – What is Gratitude?

Boditude is focused on practicing gratitude and positivity as part of our everyday lives. This Thanksgiving, we’re sharing these free printable cards that you can use to express gratitude to the people in your life!

Print out these postcards and give write messages of gratitude to friends, family members, and colleagues to let them know why you are thankful for them!

Family Activity

We’d like to especially encourage you to get your kids involved this year. We all teach our kids tasks and practices that fall into a daily routine as they grow up. We teach them to brush their teeth twice a day, to always make their beds, the importance of healthy eating, and to use their words, not their hands. Practicing gratitude is a habit, just like everything else in their daily routine.  

Print out this kid-friendly worksheet and help your kids to write letters of gratitude to give to their friends, teachers, siblings, or even mail to their relatives far away! Explain to them that they should be thankful every day.

Daily Practice Makes Perfect

Want to take it a step further? Really implement gratitude into their lives by taking it past Thanksgiving.

  • For older kids, give them a journal and encourage them to write three things they are grateful for before bed every night.
  • For younger kids, have a gratitude chalkboard, each evening, help them to write one good thing that happened during the day.


Gratitude is a powerful tool that can transform our lives. People who are grateful are happier and more fulfilled, they have improved interpersonal relationships, better health, a greater desire to do for others, enhanced self esteem and confidence and better mental strength and resilience.  

We hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones!


Free Stickers!

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